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"Well team, today is the day that we see what true progress means!" A sensei exclaimed to his young team of students.

This was the first team that he had ever taught and hopefully his last. These were the most hopeless group of children he had ever known. “Well I have to admit, you are the most hopeless group of brats.”

His loudest and most self-centered student, Rotski, couldn’t help but anger him to no end and took pride when he did get frustrated. His most serious student, Karai Rota, pouted. After all, he considered himself to be above and beyond the levels of his teammates. The youngest of the team, little Ako Ayano, couldn't help but stick her tongue out at the enthusiastic man infront of her.

Daisuke Sensei sighed, “Or at least I thought you were the most hopeless and helpless team, but after what I’ve seen, I know that when you work together, you can achieve anything!”

He patted Rotski and Karai on the head smiling, “Rotski drives this team forward and beyond keeping it strong and resilient,” Rotski blushed and scratched his black hair shyly, “Ahh shucks sensei!”

Karai scoffed loudly, “You Karai, are calm and tactical; that keeps the group in check, everyone must have rules and someone has to lead the team. Act as the adult that is what you do best.” Karai smirked, “Well someone has to watch over these idiots.”
Rotski of course felt insulted at the very thought of Karai being their leader.

“And last but not least Ako… Hey, where is Ako?”

'The line was getting FAR too long and those idiots would stand babbling nonsense when we could be already inside seated for the first exam!' Ako thought to herself as she ran a hand through her hair as she collected their entry slips.

By the time she was walking off line with the slips her teammates had caught up to her. Rotski growled, “What the hell were you doing? You could have warned us. Some of the people out there would have loved to eliminate some of their competition!”
Ako growled at him, “I can take care of myself!” Karai sighed, “Enough! The first exam is already starting.”

Karai looked around sizing up people and reading their expressions, calculating their levels of intellect. In an instant he had come to the conclusion as to what the answers were, he smirked feeling confident even though the exams had just begun.

'Rotski, Ako, I know you can figure it out if I had…' He looked over to his left, Rotski was using a jutsu to copy all of the answers.

Rotski continued writing the answers as though he had already known them written tests were never much of a problem for him, but he did worry about Ako. She wasn’t really known for studying much and she would rather read a novel than study a school book.

Rotski continued writing the answers as though he had already known them written tests were never much of a problem for him, but he did worry about Ako. She wasn’t really known for studying much and she would rather read a novel than study a school book.

C’mon Ako, I know you can do this. It’s all in the cards for you just cheat or focus on something.'
He bit his lip drawing blood, letting it trickle down. He manipulated the small portion to go to her desk to help her cheat when he saw her he realized that her head was down and her hands seemed to be in a writing position. 'Ohh she's figured it out already.. GOOD AKO!'

*Mmmmm warm fluffy cloud* Ako was in her own little warm dream land drooling rivers over the paper of the pour sod next to her. She was completely asleep face down, her head buried in her arms. The boy seated next to her, Neji Hyuuga, became more and more irritated as she started to snore lightly.

“Who put this thing next to me?” He mumbled to himself becoming increasingly irritated. 'I hope she gets put in the ring with me just so I can beat her up for pissing me off'

“What an idiot. How do people like this become ninja...” He whispered agitated after some of her saliva dripped onto his sheet. Half conscious, Ako heard the comment, she felt a spark of anger ignite…

Suddenly she sat upright hissing at him, “Who are you calling a midget!? Neji realized she didn’t know it was him who said that, but kept quiet, not sure if he could hold the urge to beat down this little pipsqueak in the preliminaries. Ako looked down at the test paper bored and started to draw on it making squiggly lines and pretty circles. Neji looked not being able to help but stare dumbfounded at her, 'Is this girl really a ninja?'

As time went on the test got louder as people started to argue back with the proctor. She ignored Naruto and the proctor exchanging heated words, not really caring until she heard that she passed.

“Ohh, what do you know, I passed!” She smiled and got up, “Good luck at the next exam everyone!” She bowed to the students and skipped over to meet her teammates.
The very beginning and the first story starting of the next love story woot!!!
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Great work! You should add a link for chapter two in the description. :D Something like this;

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